A yeast infection in men isn’t typically discussed, but it does not mean that it doesn’t happen. When it does happen, it can occasionally be worse for men than it is for girls. When a person shows signs of getting this sort of infection, he generally doesn’t know what it’s because there are a huge quantity of people who think women are the only ones that can get it.


That’s definitely not true. Yeast infections don’t have any gender preferences. Generally speaking, yeast infections are caused by Candida yeast growing out of control. For guys, this most often happens when their immune system is weak. Another way a person may find this disease is by taking certain antibiotics. Antibiotics are required to kill off bacterial infections, but there are particular beneficial bacteria that help keep yeast.

When you take these antibiotics and they kill not only the bad bacteria, but the beneficial bacteria also, it causes the yeast to grow faster and sometimes can end up as a yeast infection. Hormones from certain foods may also be a contributor.


Sometimes dairy or meat products are full of additional hormones which could cause an imbalance. If that is regarded as the main reason for the recurring yeast infections, it could be a great idea to change to either foods which are hormone free, or become a vegetarian, so you are no longer consuming those kinds of things.

Yeast will also grow by feeding on sugar. This will typically happen with diabetics because they have excessive amounts of sugar in their systems. Their bodies just don’t produce enough insulin to metabolize sugar effectively. The yeast then feeds on the additional sugar and breeds from control, causing a yeast infection. Unless treated, a diabetic who receives one yeast infection will probably continue to receive them.


One final cause for a guy getting a yeast infection is by simply having sex with somebody else who already has it. Quite often, a man and woman continue to have sex while one of them gets the disease, and it is passed back and forth between them. If one spouse does develop this disease, sex has to be placed on hold until it’s treated. Otherwise, it will only continue to grow and affect not only the individual that has it, but their spouse also.

The most common signs of yeast infection in men are burning and itching. Since a person’s genitals contain several nerve endings, normally causing extreme delight, using a yeast infection it’s currently producing intense pain. You will see that yeast likes to dwell in dark, moist areas. In men, a disease of this kind can grow around, under, behind, or on the genitals. However, it may also grow in creases on the legs and buttocks.

What is happening?

The itching and burning may also be accompanied by a foul odor. This odor arises when yeast gives off gases while it’s metabolizing the sugar it’s feeding on. Most of the time, a yeast infection is on the surface and may be treated by simply employing a store-bought cream or lotion. However, since the usual cause of a disease in men is a weakened immune system, it has to be treated internally, not externally.

First of all, if a person thinks he does actually have a yeast infection, he wants to see his physician immediately. Yeast infections in men may often be confused with some kind of STD, so a physician will have the ability to conduct some tests and be sure it’s in reality a yeast infection and not something worse. Your physician will then probably prescribe something that you take, based on what the true cause for that specific case is. If the reason is simply lack of nourishment, you’ll be advised on how to modify your diet.


If it’s some type of stress, you’ll be told that you will need to rest, relax, and do what you can to eliminate whatever stress might be causing this. Pills and creams may eliminate the disease for now, but when there’s a more underlying cause, the disease will make certain to return until it’s taken care of correctly. Now that you’re aware of this, it’s a good idea to let other folks know about it as well. Many folks think that only women can get yeast infections, and that’s definitely not true. It’s a very real issue for men and it’s often caused by a whole lot more underlying explanations. These things will need to be cared for or the problem will persist. Yeast infection in men can be a serious matter, and isn’t to be dismissed.