Penis bumps are a rather common occurrence, and typically, they’re not a large problem; but they can cause a substantial quantity of worry. Men that are concerned penis health ought to make certain to receive any unusual bumps or growths assessed, if treatment is required. Sometimes, the bumps might result from lymphoceles – are such something to be worried about, or not?

Let’s start

Okay, take a deep breath and relax. Despite the somewhat ominous-sounding title, a lymphocele is essentially not dangerous to a man’s health. So what’s it? Well, as the name suggests, a lymphocele has something related to the lymphatic system, which is an integral part of the immune system. While the lymphatic system includes organs like the thymus and spleen, it is the lymph channels which are of significance to penis bumps.

These lymph channels, which operate throughout the entire body, including the penis, carries lymph fluid around the body, just as blood vessels carry blood throughout the body. The lymph channels provide the body with healthy components that it requires and swap them with waste products that the body has to expel. But.. when the lymph station becomes blocked, it can not do its job. Lymph fluid continues to flow through the station, but it builds up behind the blockage. Without a place to go, it seeps out to the tissue. This generates swellings under the skin. When this happens in the penis, the resulting bumps are called lymphoceles.

What Causes a Lymphocele?

So that is what a lymphocele is – but what exactly causes the congestion? In a word, trauma. When the tissue within an area is treated roughly, it may cause damage that prevents proper flow. When the lymphocele happens on the penis, the most frequent culprit is the manhood being squeezed too tightly or being treated too roughly. For instance, if a person masturbates too aggressively or if a spouse slaps the manhood around, it may create a trauma scenario. A swelling results, producing the penis bumps. Fortunately, generally, a lymphocele isn’t painful.

It could seem a little strange, but it generally doesn’t create any physical annoyance. However, many men panic if they detect it, assuming that a change of this type might be indicative of a penis issue. In just about all situations, a lymphocele “goes away” on its own after a couple of days. Sometimes, it might be more stubborn, in which case a person might want to try some gentle massaging to help decrease the swelling. If a lymphocele doesn’t go away after a few weeks, visiting a doctor is an excellent idea – but in many instances the physician will just recommend more patience as opposed to puncturing and draining the bulge.


As penis bumps go, lymphoceles are usually one of the most benign. Checking for penis bumps is recommended as a normal part of a person’s penis health regimen, as is daily use of a high flight penis health crème. Since the penis is so important to most guys, they are advised to take care choosing a crème; one using a combination of acetyl L carnitine and alpha lipoic acid is greatest. An amino acid, acetyl L carnitine has demonstrated abilities in protecting against peripheral nerve damage because of compression, friction and other common traumas. Alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant, offsets harmful oxidative processes that impede cell adrenal gland. While acetyl L carnitine and alpha lipoic acid are powerful in their, they interact synergistically, so that a crème containing both packs much more power.