Erectile dysfunction is mathematically a problem for 50 percent of men over 40. Commonly referred to as impotence it occurs for many diverse reasons. Erectile dysfunction can be a result of physiological or physical issues like anxiety, depression and anxiety. Past events can cause anxiety, guilt or pre-conceived erroneous notions of what it means to be a guy.


Emotional and relationship issues can also take their toll. Emotional consequences of erectile dysfunction are reduction of self-esteem that is part of the reason why this problem isn’t as publicly discussed as it might be in media and amongst men. Physically the cause can be drugs, medications, alcohol, overweight or hormonal problems. In modern times such drugs as Viagra may seem helpful however, as all medications, have their side effects.

Viagra can be rather dangerous depending upon your blood pressure and state of your heart and may become addictive. This means that operation becomes less the individual becomes dependent on taking the medication. Amongst drugs drugs regulating blood pressure, antidepressants and immune suppressants may change the acidity of the machine and indirectly impact feedback involving the reproductive organs and the mind.


This also applies to alcohol and drugs like cannabis. Nevertheless, recent studies have found that the most frequent source of dysfunction is because of obese which affects the genital area too with weight reduction in the tissues. This narrows the arteries lumen and reduces blood circulation. In cases like this the simplest solution is to get rid of weight. Yoga may also be helpful by increasing blood circulation to the reproductive area.

Hindu squats and functioning on the base chakra may also assist. Remember that your own body, thoughts and emotions are inter-related so working on a single area will improve other areas too. If the issue is because of hormone problems these are often related with thyroid problems and again, this causes a problem with feedback between genital areas and the thyroid creating a vicious cycle of lack in hormones secretions.

Nota final

There are many different different techniques to take care of erectile dysfunction based of the causes. If there are stress issues they often cause the hormones to dry up. Herbs like Ashwagandha may be helpful as they balance the intra cell ph. Brahmi and liquorice can also help as they improve and balance the mind. So if you’re experiencing issues with erectile dysfunction do not ignore it as there’s a lot you can do without taking medication which will possibly have detrimental side effects. Consult a natural therapist that can potentially use Naturopathy, NLP, herbs, supplements, Hypnotherapy and a number of other organic means to receive your power and physiology back in sync.