The respiratory system includes the lungs, nose, bronchial tube, pharynx, larynx and trachea. The respiratory system is among the main system of the human body. Without it, it would be impossible for the body to get the necessary amount of oxygen and to eliminate the harmful carbon dioxide.

Respiratory System

Now, this respiratory system is vulnerable to a lot of diseases like bronchitis, asthma, allergies and the common cold. However, if you’ve got the habit of doing yoga on a regular basis your respiratory system will be in great shape and you can prevent the incidence of these diseases. In actuality, it’s been seen that people who do yoga on a regular basis don’t suffer from any diseases linked to the respiratory system.

If you’re experiencing respiratory allergies then yoga are the best medicine for it. The different poses and asanas which are performed throughout the yoga session aids in preventing issues like clogged nose, throat itching, coughing and conjunctivitis. Yoga is also very great for people who suffer from asthma and bronchitis.

Chronic disorders

These are the two most dangerous chronic lung disorders which causes death in people and if you would like to live long and strong then you must do yoga so as to keep these dangerous diseases away. Some of the asanas of yoga are specially intended for people who suffer from such diseases. Among the most common ailments that people face is the common cold or the cough. This happens because of the invasion of viruses which makes the immune system of the body straightened. In these cases there are no other options left except to take drugs.

However, the usage of medicines isn’t always good. So it is much better to eliminate cold and cough in the natural way and the best possible method of doing this is by doing yoga. Additionally, it assists in preventing mild fever, headaches and sore throat. Some of the asanas are supposed to strengthen the immune system of the body thus making a wall to protect the body from these harmful diseases. Doing yoga also helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and it’s always great to do yoga early in the morning once the air is refreshing.