Our society is now afraid of germs, the press promotes products like antibacterial wipes for the house, and antibacterial gel for when we go outside. While most of us aren’t emetophobic, our fear of germs is due to manufacturers attempting to profit on their antibacterial products. Parents particularly are the target of those unscrupulous entrepreneurs.

Let’s see…

Bacteria and virus exist all around usit is in the air we breathe and what we touch. Our body is designed to keep these pathogens, our skin invisibly into foreign bodies and our immune system is effective against invading microorganisms. Sunlight is very effective in killing germs and virus; ultraviolet rays are known to kill by damaging their DNA. Antibacterial products are made out alcohol, chlorhexidine or other compounds proven to kill germs from a surface.

Hospitals use the products to reduce bacterial load in the environment, because viruses and bacteria found in hospitals are potentially harmful if released into the environment. Measures need to be taken to avoid contaminating individuals or items with potentially deadly bacteria like methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) or tubercle bacillus that cause tuberculosis. In the area, sunlight should be sufficient because bacteria in the atmosphere would settle down when the area is cleaned with antiseptic.


Although it’s very important to wash our living environment frequently, regular disinfection is barely essential. The mass media attempts to portray bacteria as the evil presence, but it’s not so. It’s only necessary for individuals with immune deficiencies to find it important to keep in a sterile environment, but the rest of us can live in harmony with germs. Bacteria is useful in research and health, it’s via escherichia coli that human insulin can be synthesized by using recombinant DNA technology.

Without germs many research is impossible to do, there’ll be no antibodies made to help treat diseases like multiple sclerosis or osteoporosis. Bacteria have always been a helpful tool in research of health. Swine and avian influenza are germs that used to be non-infectious to people, but today we’re also victim of those strains.

Immune system

Our immune system doesn’t recognize these new breeds as a threat, and therefore we fall ill. In a healthy individual, rest and plenty of fluids should help the body recover; but the young and older have sub-optimal immune system and so would have any trouble fighting against the germs. Even in these circumstances, using antibacterial products don’t prove that the contagion wouldn’t spread. Despite the fact that every surface has been disinfected, we’re still at the mercy of our environment and the air.

Final note

We can purge the air in our house, but public places like schools and library don’t practice disinfection as liberally, hence our hard work to prevent falling ill is thwarted by seeing places where sick people frequent. So how can we prevent falling ill? Stress and dehydration may cause the body to become lethargic, and our immune system would suffer due to this. We ought to keep healthy by eating food high in nutrition and drink loads of water, regular exercise is also essential in keeping our body and mind strong. Sterilizing and disinfecting everything we possess isn’t the best way to live, because we can’t stay in a secure bubble forever, but we can be ready for the invasion of infectious bacteria.