Winter season is influenza season and everybody ought to have an perfect armor against influenza for the entire season. Everybody at the household may get ill if you won’t prepare well to combat flu radically. You might argue that you’re eating balanced meals every day, spare some time to get an indoor exercise since you can barely go out and targeted up yourself with nutritional supplements but still you get captured by colds or flu.

Winter season

So, how can you be certain you’re able to combat flu during winter? One thing to do it is to just incorporate more fruits and veggies in your diet. Get enough sound sleep and balance the holidays’ chaos with regular exercise. If you end up constantly eating and enjoying the holidays with family and friends inside, be certain you are having the proper sorts of foods to fight flu. Take healthy meals every day by balancing the amounts of fat, protein and even carbohydrates in complex forms as legumes and whole grains. Avoid foods with trans fats as in the case of using hydrogenated vegetable oils as an ingredient and drink more water.


Tea could be beneficial since it’s both the antiviral and antibacterial action which supports the immune system. The same thing goes with garlic and even yogurt for a healthy gastrointestinal tract and boost you immune system nicely. Take your routine 15-minute exercise or more daily to improve the circulation of blood in all parts of your body and so helps your systems fight flu ardently. You are able to exercise anytime but make certain to never do it within three hours before bedtime so that you may have a great night sleep that you also should strengthen immune system and combat influenza efficiently.

You maybe an superb nutritionist and incredibly tact to follow sleep and exercise rules needed to fight flu efficiently but in addition, you need to bear in mind another thing here for your wellbeing and win the fight against cold and flu.


Don’t overlook your multivitamins and minerals supplements as these also play the very important role in strengthening your immune system and help you fight flu with greater effect. Also include nutrient-dense foods as Ribalance and LifeGreens. Make certain to have natural remedies for fast prevention and remedies on your quest to fight against influenza. There are such immediate organic remedies as vitamin C, D and aloe vera extract. Remember the superb allure of chicken soups in homemade fashion to fight flu totally.