With today’s hectic lifestyles, it can be a huge undertaking to keep ourselves fit and healthy throughout the year. Every time we step beyond their front door we encounter somebody who could be coughing and sneezing or running a fever. Whilst we determinedly try to dodge the sick and unhealthy for fear of catching their germs, there are occasions when our natural defence mechanisms simply let us down.

Immune System

Our immune systems never go off duty, it’s busy encouraging our body’s defense’s day in, day out in various different ways but we tend not to even consider our immune system unless there’s a problem. Each and every daywe battle thousands of germs that threaten to make us ill, many of which are inhaled as we go about our typical daily tasks. Even if we eat, we consume a great number of bacteria, which largely have a tendency to get killed off in our saliva or in our stomach acid, if it get that way.

From time to time, if our immune systems aren’t functioning as it needs to be, we might get food poisoning. Imagine if you and a buddy were sat in close proximity to someone who had flu like symptoms-heavy cold, headaches, and shivering, aching limbs. You’d probably attempt to limit your physical closeness as far as possible; although there’s not any way of actually preventing these germs from attacking your defense mechanisms.


A healthy immune system behaves like sentries on guard duty, in the very first indication of an ambush, the system prepares to do battle, if you wake up the next morning however, and you’ve succumbed to the germs but your friend is fine, this means your buddies immune system was working better than yours at the time of your vulnerability. It’s necessary that we fuel our immune systems by restricting the quantity of junk food and rather eat a well-balanced diet. Be sure to have enough doses of Vitamin c and when feeling below par, attempt Echinacea for a brief time as this can help give your immune system which much needed boost.

Negative feelings and attitudes can impair an immune system rather easily too, so maintaining a positive mind-set and boosting your zest for life, helps to revive flagging immune system levels. It’s crucial that people get 7-8 hours sleep per night as sleeping is our body’s way of preparing to fight off the assault from infections. Going to bed at roughly the same time every night is advised-even at weekends. Drink loads of water daily as this will help flush any toxins from your system. As much as you may love your carbonated beverages, try to decrease the amount, quenching your thirst with water instead.


All of us know there are various advantages to exercising regularly but exercising for about 30 minutes three times a week is really going to help your immune system fight back. Learn how unwind your mind, body and soul. Stress impacts our immune systems quite radically so ensuring that you take some time out every now and then will make a significant difference. Learn how to integrate meditation into your life and picture yourself back to good health.