For guys with penis warts, time is your enemy. They want these lumps to go away, and they need that recovery to begin as soon as humanly possible. Unfortunately, without the perfect sort of penis care, warts may stick around longer than they ought to. And sometimes, despite the ideal care, they can last for more than a man ever imagined possible.

What’s happening?

Most cases of penis warts are caused by a sexually transmitted disease called the human papilloma virus, or HPV for short. This is a remarkably common virus, and in a lot of individuals, the warts often come and go. That means people could be infected without even knowing it, since the virus may not be causing warts all the time.

That hidden quality may also make it easy for men to have infected with HPV when they have sex with new partners. It’s not always possible to tell who has the virus with a visual check, so guys may get down and dirty before they are even aware of what they are exposing themselves to. Once the virus is in place, it has a tendency to put roots down and try to remain permanently.

Good to know

Some strains of the virus result in infections and warts that stick around for weeks and months. Thankfully, there are treatments that may help. Some of the steps dig deep to the origins of warts, which might make them disappear for good. Topical treatments that involve the immune system, as an instance, could help the body to eliminate the disease that causes warts. But some remedies only remove surface warts, so the disease could just produce more lumps in time.

Until the immune system eventually recognizes the virus and struggles it, warts may stick around. There are literally hundreds of different strains of the virus which causes penis warts. And every person’s body works differently concerning identifying the virus and combating it. That’s why it’s ideal for men with penis warts to see with physicians whenever the small bumps appear.


A physician can look past a man’s overall health and decide the best course of action in regards to dealing with this embarrassing issue. For some guys, a conversation about warts may quickly develop into a conversation about treating those lumps. For many others, a goat talk may become a monthly conversation and observation session, while the man and his physician wait to see what his body is going to do. It’s important to note, also, that some kinds of penis bumps are linked to cancer.

A man could get cancer on his sensitive body parts, or else he could give that cancer-causing virus to a partner in a romantic moment. So warts are not really only a cosmetic concern. They’re also problems that could impact one and one’s spouse’s long-term health, and even their longevity. So warts should be taken seriously, and they need to be taken care of by a physician.


Once a guy is wart-free, he will probably be asked to pay additional attention to the general health of the penile skin. And a penis health lotion can help. These products nourish sensitive cells, so they’ve exactly what they need to cure. A daily program can do other fantastic things, too, including reducing nasty penis odors and ensuring that the skin looks youthful and fresh. With the support of a product in this way, the penis is certain to be healthier, look better and perform in tip-top capacity.