Respecting this fearfully and wonderfully made body process is crucial to understand the importance of diet and health. Even the tiniest elements going into our body play a vital role in its proper purpose of health and well-being. The body consists of millions of cells which work like miniature engines.

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These work either independently or painlessly. To operate properly these cells require specific kinds of fuel or nutrition. Like engines, if they’re not given appropriate fuel and oil they can’t work properly – it is as straightforward as that. These fuel and petroleum called nutrients come from inside the wholesome foods we eat. These nutrients are essentially vitamins, enzymes, minerals, water, amino acids, fats and carbohydrates.

All these are vital for the body to carry on its daily functions. The functions of the nutrients occur on a microscopic level. That’s why every bit of healthful foods and nutritional supplements given to our body affects the system seriously. To give you an idea, a cup of coffee has approximately 375 milligrams of caffeine.

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When a doctor gives you a medication, check and see what milligram of ‘whatever’ it contains. Often these may be only 5 milligrams. If just 5 milligrams of some medication is sufficient to make a difference, imagine what java does at 375 mg 2, 3 and 4 times per day! The specific processes of these nutrients differ greatly and are involved from fighting infections to fixing tissues and nourishing even our brain function and believing. If we don’t give our body the right nutrients, the normal functions are diminished. And most of us know that this creation is lacking a significant part of these. That’s why we have so many sick people obese and around.

There may even be no symptoms of disease or illness for quite a long time before we start to notice symptoms. It’s our responsibility to discover if we’re eating right – most folks in our society don’t! Right off, among the most frequent issues is the cooking and processing of our foods.

Nutritional factor!

We cook and process nutrients out of our foods before they get into our mouths. The next issue is that the organic raw foods providing these fundamental elements are largely missing from today’s diet, due to the constant attacks from environment pollutants, food additives, pesticides, drugs, air pollution, chemicals and now, increasingly, genetically modified foods. These ruin the nutrients from our foods and our bodies.

If we would like to be and remain healthy, we must increasingly take conscious charge of the food consumption in the kind of great choices of foods and nutritional supplements so as to overcome those pollutants. And to do so, it is helpful to understand where our bodies may be affected.

Prenez note

The body is divided into nine main essential systems:

  • The Immune system.
  • The Circulatory system.
  • The Digestive system.
  • The Intestinal system.
  • The Nervous system.
  • The Respiratory.
  • The Urinary.
  • The Glandular.
  • The Structural system.

Each of those systems receives the benefit of particular key supplemental products. For instance the Digestive system’s key requirements and nutritional supplements are enzymes. If we eat our foods mainly over-cooked and over-processed, they’re depleted of necessary enzymes. Enzymes are found mostly in fresh, raw vegetables. So to be able to get the ideal supplements and foods for specific problem areas, it is helpful to understand that not all supplements and foods are the same for all around.


Being aware of this can enable you to discuss your requirements with your health professional so as to place your money in the perfect places.