In my health practice I have observed a high number of customers with debilitating illnesses like diabetes, allergies, arthritis, lupus, IBS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, asthma, etc. Ordinarily I felt that inner acidity and toxicity contributed to their unwellness, so I would suggest a thorough internal cleansing to them to wash waste out from their intestines.


I’d suggest short juice fasts, colonic irrigations, or diets full of natural fibers, to help regulate the bowel function and cleanse out accumulated waste matter. Like garbage that’s not disposed of, inner “garbage” starts to decompose and putrify in the body, increasing the body acidity to unhealthy levels. It was surprising to find that the blank – or non – stares when I proposed thorough bowel cleansing.

What they didn’t understand, was that gut eliminations alone don’t cleanse the colon or accumulated waste. In actuality, diets high in sugars, dairy products and gluten can produce a stickiness in the colon that brings and adheres to other waste matter. Over time, this makes a thick liner in the colon, which makes it even more challenging for other waste to fully pass from the body.

Tenga en cuenta

The colon becomes a cesspool for sludge, which slowly but slowly acidifies the blood and interrupts the immune system. I’ve read in certain health journals which John Wayne’s colon weighed 70 pounds in his autopsy! This is shocking, but it makes the sobering point that we can’t depend on gut eliminations alone to maintain our intestines clean and free of disease-producing waste thing. That was my rationale in advocating regular clogs for my patients, and it is a lot easier to do than you would think.

Detoxifying, or cleansing, may be carried out by way of juice fasting, complete fasting except for water, herbal detoxes, colonic irrigations, and many different other healthful regimens which may be found on the shelves of a local health food shop. It’s the most powerful step toward in health prevention that someone can take. Sadly, it’s our nature in this society to turn to natural remedies like detoxifying just after we are already sick.


By then, our liver, immune system, digestive system and blood flow are already impaired to a degree that will take several months, or even years, of particular care and repair. We know that the liver is the principal organ involved in blood detoxification. Its job is to filter impurities from the blood that are subsequently transported to the lymph system to be passed from the body. In this time of processed packaged foods, polluted water and air, toxic building materials, synthetic fabrics, drugs, over-the-counter drugs and hectic lifestyles, the liver has its work cut out for it!

Over a time period, excess toxicity could result in the unhealthy daily choices we make, and put an overload on the liver’s functioning. It’s the liver which protects us from becoming sick. But we do not do much to help it perform its job, then we become miserable because we haven’t cared for it. Keeping the body cleansed by appropriate diet, fasting, nutrition, and utilization of detox pads and detox supplements may go a long way toward restoring one’s health and taking undue strain off the liver, which is trying hard to protect us from ourselves.

Nota final

You would not dream of not carrying out your household garbage for months and years on end, do you? But when is the last time you cleansed your body from inside out? Many of us probably take better care of our cars than our bodies! Every year our water and air are vulnerable to 4.5 BILLION POUNDS of naturally-occurring compounds. And of course toxic materials in construction materials, processed and irradiated foods, exhaust fumes, etc.. With that in mind, it seems absurd to NOT consider doing a thorough intestinal cleansing on a regular basis!

When I was in acupuncture school we were taught that it would take about 1 month of appropriate and thorough treatment for every year of disease that the patient had suffered. So three decades of suffering from arthritis would require at least three weeks of therapy. Given that we spend our lives in a toxic environment, employing that same philosophy to a detox routine adds up to many months for many people! Doing a thorough cleansing at least once a year is a fantastic beginning to maintaining healthy habits.

Life is a miracle and a blessing – but additionally it is toxic! And the simplest way to health is by prevention, not intervention. We can begin with preventing the inevitable toxins in our lives from wreaking havoc on our immune systems. We will need to stop what ails us today, from doing this again in future. In brief, cleanliness is critical to health. The cost of a single visit to the physician is currently about $100, and the price of a single day at the hospital currently averages $6,000, and a mean operation will run you about $10,000.