In my quest to find out more about nutrition and health, I hit the web to do some research. Have you ever attempted to do research online on your immune system? Honestly! All the explanations I hunted seemed to be written by physicians, or even worse, scientists. I couldn’t understand a word! They kept talking about Myeloid Cells, Lymphocytes, T-Cells, B-Cells and much more.


. Trying to understand your immune system is a huge job and extremely involved! Why can not someone tell us exactly what we will need to understand in English? I laugh when I say that simply because I just don’t understand all the technical terminology used nowadays. Knowing a bit about the immune system makes everything a bit more understandable. So in this report, I will try to have a look at how your immune system works so that you can understand what it’s doing for you daily, and what it isn’t. In brief, your immune system protects your body from diseases or foreign bodies (such as bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, etc).

Toma nota

  • It creates a barrier that prevents bacteria and germs from entering your body.
  • If a virus or bacteria does get into your body, the immune system will detect and remove the foreign substance before it strikes your healthy cells and attempts to reproduce.

Ever see a mosquito bite in your skin? It doesn’t just itches, but you receive a red bump and swelling for a couple of days. Notice how a scrape heals itself? That’s your immune system at work. Most of the time, we don’t even give it a second thought. Your immune system is positioned throughout your body.

It’s the strength of our immune system which makes the difference as to if we get ill or not. I feel that your immune system is among the most single important aspects in your body. It’s nearly like an internal military: always ready to fight! Now, if your immune system is weakened, you might feel the definite results from a virus or bacteria, or you might become run-down and exhausted.

Aging factor

Age can make our immune system weaker. Stress is also a factor that damages your immune system, in addition to poor nutrition. And, last but not least, environmental pollutants and pollutants that are airborne. Add all these items up, and you just may get ill. What can you do to keep your immune system working healthy?

  • Remove yourself from the stress situation.
  • Call a friend to ventilate. Don’t keep it bottled up inside of you.
  • Change your attention, or maybe read the funny pages (might make you laugh).
  • If you’re walking into a stressful situation, consider wearing an outfit that makes you feel more confident.
  • Avoid a great deal of red meat and fast food.
  • Use Olive Oil when cooking and cut down on these foods that are fried!
  • You might also choose a nutritional supplement with loads of antioxidants to help booster your immune system.
  • Drink lots of water and fewer sodas.
  • Clean your air filters into your residence, work area, automobile or any other location you might be into’wash’ your air that you breathe.
  • Keep your surroundings dust free and vacuum frequently!
  • Don’t eat or drink anything within 1 hour of bedtime.
  • Go to bed at exactly the exact same time each night (including weekends).
  • Noise: some people sleep with a fan on, or some form of soothing sound.
  • Go through a psychological process once you lay down to’relax.’