This time of year brings beauty, wonder and its own set of health challenges. By now’the little ones’ have spent a couple weeks back in college rubbing their little hands all over the desks, handrails and shared art supplies and scissors. Sadly, but more than likely, they have brought all types of germs and germs happily home to you! So where does ‘Huang Qi’ come in?

Herbal ways

It’s highly regarded as an adaptogenic herb that enhances your immune system and helps prevent colds and influenza as well as supplying anti-biotic qualities. But it truly does much more. Huang Qi also detoxifies, purifies and increases circulation to transport essential minerals & vitamins to cells. As you well know it’s near impossible to read labels nowadays, with Latin, English and

Chinese terms together with all the various names herbs are understood by – no less exactly what advantages they give. This is one reason I have decided to bring some of this information to a more comprehensible (layman terms) level. To give you a prime example, Astragalus Root is the frequent name; the Latin title is Radix Astragali and the Chinese name for this herb is ‘Huang Qi’.

Good to know

Huang’ means ‘yellow’ (because of its color) and ‘Qi’ means ‘superior’ or ‘mature’ indicating that it had been thought of as a superior herb. Huang Qi, a traditional Chinese herb, has existed for over 4,000 years. Also called Astragalus, it is an adaptogenic herb (adaptogen) which helps the body resist the harmful effects of stress while restoring normal body functions, among a number of other things! An’adaptogenic’ herb adheres to whatever the body needs! Adaptogens are also thought of as anti-aging herbs and are beneficial to the entire body. They never have only one function, but they will actually go to the manhood which needs assistance and help rebalance it.

The benefits of herbs, known to be adaptogens, are that they could restore the body to homeostasis better than any medication since they target and strengthen the entire body. Many athletes around the world use adaptogenic herbs to boost their performance. They’re as legal and as secure as using supplements and food. As we age we anticipate our ‘youth’ to diminish, but it does not always need to – at least, I think, not to the level we see in our civilization. We can keep a very substantial amount of our physical-ness: beauty, athletic ability, stamina and sexual virility nicely into our twilight years! I feel it is up to us and the choices we make.

Immune system

Enhance immune function by raising’natural killer cell activity’ (a’great’ white blood cell) and improving’macrophage action’ (a large white blood cell that ingests infectious foreign contaminants. There are even studies in which Astragalus has proven to possess an exerts impact and may benefit chemotherapy. Quite an impressive herb, would not you say? With all these extraordinary properties no wonder that this adaptogenic herb (and 5 others) can be used in so many of our proprietary formulations! So, with all the cold and flu season coming on, why not equip yourself with all of the natural tools that are available to you?