Don’t belittle influenza. Especially if you are older, influenza can be more difficult to fight than flu that strikes young guys. It’s because the immune system of older men usually goes down along with the kinds of flu virus that attack people are usually distinct. There are three types of flu virus; type A, B, and C. Each of these has its own household. Avian flu such as includes type A. The kinds of flu virus are also not same in their fierceness.


Influenza that commonly attacks Europeans such as contains the barbarous influenza virus. That’s the reason why not all types of flu virus have antibiotics. However, you can prevent them. There are just two ways; increasing your immune system and decrease the chance of your own body to be eliminated by a virus.

  • Request influenza vaccine. This way ought to be carried out especially for you that are old. However, not all types of flu virus can be prevented by influenza vaccine. That’s the reason why, this vaccine is perfected over time.
  • Steer clear of coldness. The more time you catch cold by air, water, air conditioner, cold beverage, or end, the poorer your immune system is and the easier you come down with any virus. The only way to prevent the virus is by boosting your immune system. You should stop the flu virus to around into other ailments like laryngitis, throat infections, catarrh, bronchopneumonia, or even pneumonia. That’s the reason, when you come down with flu, you should stay at home. This way isn’t only beneficial to you, but also other people, so they aren’t infected with the virus.
  • Strengthen your body. Strengthen your immune system by taking a break and having healthy foods, especially high protein foods.
  • Avoid going downtown. This way ought to be done in order to prevent you to be infected by flu virus since this virus easily contaminate through air. Thus, in the event that you really don’t have to go downtown, it’s wise for you to steer clear of it.
  • Reduce smoking and drinking alcohol. Those activities lean to lower your immune system. Smoking can damage the mucous membrane of your bronchus, which means that your bronchus is easily entered by virus. Smoking may also weaken the bronchus of passive smokers.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap. This way ought to be done in order to prevent your hands and fingers turn into the virus move supply. Your hands may touch anything that’s touched by flu sufferer, so you may be infected by the virus.
  • Clean your nose when you’re home. This way ought to be done to be certain that you’re not contaminated by influenza virus. Influenza virus enters your body through your mouth and nose. Thus, you should keep them clean.
  • Among the ways to wash your mouth is by gargling. You also need to clean your teeth, particularly before you sleep at night.
  • Do breathing therapy. Your immune system requires adequate breathing and oxygen treatment can cool down your lungs and eventually raise your immune system. In this breathing treatment, you should drag in open air as much as you’re able and maintain your breathing as long as you can. It is possible to add some body motions like taking a walk and performing gymnastics to perfect the outcome. Additionally, this treatment is also helpful to cure you from physical and psychological stress that also can lower your immune system.
  • Don’t be fixated by intriguing television programs, entertainments, and outdoor activities in your free time at night. You should use your free time to have a break after your tiring time.
  • The inadequate sleep and excessive tiredness can decrease your immune system.