Recent research carried out by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research found olive oil protects against insulin resistance, meaning the chance of developing Type 2 diabetes is diminished. It was discovered the medium-chain saturated fatty acids (MCFA’s) are so small they can be absorbed into cells where they are quickly converted to energy.

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In other words, the amount of fat going into storage is reduced and insulin sensitivity is enhanced. Coconut oil is one of the most discussed health promoting foods in the modern world so its important you make an attempt to utilize it. It’s solid at room temperature, but this does not make it a trans fat. Having said that, if you are stuck with advice about how best to use coconut oil into your daily diabetic eating plan, do not worry, we’ve got some solutions. With a little imagination, you can be certain that you get this oil in your eating plan.

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  • Add It To Coffee. As opposed to adding cream to your coffee, which can be fat and calorie dense, try coconut oil. It lends a wonderful mild flavor to coffee and will increase the energy boosting properties of the morning drink. Remember its one kind of fat which could be used immediately for energy, so great for a morning pick-me up.
  • Use It In Energy Bars. Getting ready to consume your favourite healthier treat? Try using coconut oil instead of oil or butter. It works nicely as a replacement for either of those ingredients and will choose the health boosting properties of the deal up a notch. If you will need to create a simple curry for a few high protein muffins, simply blend a spoonful of your favorite protein powder with a bit more than an eighth of a cup of coconut oil. Smear this over your biscuits and you will quickly see how delicious it tastes.
  • In Stir-Fries. Just as you would normally use olive oil when preparing your stir-fry, now you can simply swap coconut oil in its place. Coconut oil works well in stir fried dishes since it will help you keep the crunchy texture of the vegetables, while providing them an appealing glaze. A little goes a long way here, so there is no need to use much.
  • For Healthy Deep-Frying. Finally, for those who have a recipe that requires deep-frying, now you can make it and stick with your diabetic eating plan. Just replace the normal oil with coconut oil and continue on as you normally would. Bear in mind this dish will still be quite high in calories as any deep fried foods is, but the calories are healthy calories, great for your body. Account to them in your daily calorie consumption and you’ll be all set. So don’t neglect coconut oil any longer.