Just because it”tis the season” does not automatically mean that you’re damned to get ill! In this guide, I am going to teach you some of the most effective methods of protecting yourself from the attack of those pesky cold and influenza viruses. Put these tools and techniques into action and save your sick days for when you’re feeling better! Why colds and flu appear to attack during cold weather.


The cold does not cause cold! Why you shouldn’t get the flu vaccine. What the New York Garbage Strike has to do with the flu. A powerful herbal supplement that may safeguard you against the negative effects of stress. Why regular old vitamin C will not do and which form of vitamin C to pick! My Top supplement choices for preventing the flu. What you could do in the next 60 minutes which may dramatically enhance your primary defenses and protect against cold and flu.

Today I will explore cold and flu prevention, within the next couple weeks we’re going to explore cold and flu administration. I like to begin any conversation about cold and flu prevention by telling a story. As you know, it will not be long before the papers and each government health agency will start pushing the theoretical advantages of the flu vaccine. They indicate practically everyone get vaccinated against this super villain that inexplicably rears its ugly head throughout the months of October through January and kills 10,000 people each year.

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Sure enough, people herd like “sheeple” to the native Wal-Mart where nurses poke away at people’s arms and send them on their way with a feeling of false security. Is all this true? Does the influenza virus actually have a nap throughout the spring and summer months just to awaken with the dastardly intention to make us all sick in October through January? Does this really kill 10,000 people each year? Is the flu vaccine really valuable? The easy answer is “No” on all counts. The influenza virus doesn’t take a rest, it doesn’t kill 10,000 people each year and the influenza vaccine is usually not helpful. We’ll discuss why the flu strikes during those months in the paragraphs below.

As to the 10,000 annually death rate, the CDC lumps pneumonia and flu in precisely the exact same statistic, one which is quoted by newspapers all around america. What this signifies is that 10,000 people annually die from influenza and pneumonia together and most the people perish from pneumonia that’s tagged as a”complication” of influenza. Additionally, those folks who die are usually people who might be nearing death anyhow. They include people who have other disorders, people with poor immune function, in addition to morbid elderly people in nursing homes.

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If you’re in this group, then you might need to be worried about catching the flu and then developing pneumonia. If you’re not in this class then the flu will probably mean a couple of days of discomfort and a couple of days away from work. Not perfect, but a great deal better than impending departure! The next question is,”does the flu vaccine work?” And the reply is”we do not know for sure” but likely NOT! Because the flu vaccine is a “best guess” medication, there’s a small gamble on whether we will vaccinate against the proper bugs. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we get it wrong but you may be certain that the cards are stacked against us.

Allow me to reiterate an important point, the flu virus is present in the people year round whilst influenza (the flu) seems to back its symptomatic little head during the months of October through January. Now, allow me to tell you a true story. Bottom Line: The influenza vaccine is a”best guess” medication – meaning we could never say for sure it will be beneficial. Recent research shows that there’s little if any advantage to receiving the yearly flu vaccine. Additionally, the flu vaccine comprises a substantial quantity of mercury that can lead to nerve and brain issues which might not appear until years later.

What now?

Years before, garbage people went on strike at New York. Obviously, it was not long before the garbage piled up. The town looked like a wasteland with mountains of garbage appearing on practically every corner. Shortly thereafter, the rats came. Big, fat, hairy rats took over the city, apparently invading the city like they were building an occupying force beneath the streets through time, awaiting the day the garbage people would go on strike. Did the rats bring the garbage? Of course not! The garbage brought the rats, the rats were, basically, a symptom of poor garbage management. Now, allow me to challenge you with another question, is it a successful plan of action to attempt exterminating the rats? The answer again is “no” (they tried) because as long as there is trash on the roads then rats will come much quicker than we could eliminate them. The solution is to eliminate the trash and the rats will proceed soon thereafter!

So how does this apply to the flu and cold? Simple, make your inner environment unwelcoming to the bugs and they won’t have the ability to grow! Stress is perhaps among the main factors in health and isn’t given nearly the attention it deserves in a balanced way of life. When the body is under chronic stress, the immune system is virtually shut down. This opens the door for infections of all sorts. In October, the strain begins with the Halloween season which actually lasts throughout October. Candy appears on every counter and desk and parties begin popping up everywhere.

During Halloween, the stress monster is busy setting the stage for illness. This season is culminated by a night of choking down huge amounts of sugar and artificial colors and flavors that could send a horse to diabetic shock. We know that sugar toxins the immune system, which might be a reason why the cold and flu season starts in October. If you make it through the Halloween period without getting sick we’re greeted at October’s departure by the Thanksgiving season which again involves stuffing our faces with high sugar and high fat foods. Then after we’re fattened up like turkeys for the Thanksgiving season, in rolls the Christmas/Hanukkah season filled with more stress and sugary treats.

New Years

This is a celebration where we stay up all night and consume as much food and alcohol as humanly possible. Is it any wonder why the flu season peaks in January? October and January? Maybe this is not the entire story, but you may rest assured it certainly sets the table and invites the influenza in for dinner! I have quite a few customers who seem to do everything right, they eat right, they exercise regularly, they do not smoke, etc.. The one thing they can’t seem to get a grip on is the stress in their lives and they pay the purchase price.

Stress acidifies the system and toxins that the immune system. It depletes the body of vital nutrients, kills the good bacteria in your gut, destroys digestion and fills your body with stress hormones that break down the muscles and organs. Sounds pretty terrible, in actuality, when I told you that a food did all these things I am positive you would avoid that food like the plague. Now, I realize you can’t always eliminate the stress, but you can learn how to deal with stress in a different way and there are nutritional supplements that will help your body adapt to stress in a much healthier way.

One such product is called Vital Adapt and it’s been working wonders for lots of our most stressed customers. Vital Adapt is an herbal liquid tincture that unites some of the most effective adaptogens in the marketplace. An adaptogen is an herbal complex that works in the biochemical level in the body to normalize the stress hormones and bring the body back into balance. This means you will respond better, feel more focused, have a stronger immune system and sleep better at night despite the fact that you might have an inordinate amount of stress in your life. The recommended dose is 2 droppersful 3 times daily. You may increase the dose to 3 droppersful three times per day during heavy stress. To further support adrenal function, I’d recommend 2 tablets each day of Desiccated Adrenal from Standard Process.

A good book

If you enjoy a good book, I would recommend the book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie. This book is among my favorites on the field of stress and worry. Bottom Line: Stress toxins the immune system. To decrease the effect of stress in your daily use the tools taught in the book”How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie, utilize Vital Adapt herbal tincture daily (2 droppersful twice per day ) along with Desiccated Adrenal (2 pills daily) by Standard Process.

Healthy body

Now let us discuss products which will work to maintain the rest of the body healthy during the cold and flu season. First, vitamin C plays a significant role in maintaining the white blood cells healthy (white blood cells contain more vitamin C than any other cell in the body). My recommendation has changed in recent months from the classic ascorbic acid vitamin tablet to what’s known as Whole-food Vitamin C. Whole-food vitamin C is something that combines plant sources of vitamin C standardized to a specific degree of vitamin C complex.

The formula I use is known as Pure Radiance C from The Synergy Company and each capsule contains at least 120 milligrams of authentic whole food vitamin C. So, why the change and what is the difference? The term”vitamin C” and”ascorbic acid” are frequently used interchangeably, however, in character vitamin C is considerably more complex than only a molecule of ellagic acid. In actuality, in nature, ascorbic acid is found in a matrix of bioflavonoids, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamin K variables, enzyme activators like tyrosinase and other vital cofactors that help the body absorb and use this valuable nutrient.

Ascorbic acid, actually, acts as the protector of the vitamin C complex less vitamin C in a sense, ascorbic acid is the protective shell of the vitamin C complex. The end result is a much stronger vitamin C which needs a lesser quantity to get an equal or better result when obtained from food sourced nutrients. I urge 2 capsules twice per day of Pure Radiance C during the cold and flu season. If you feel that you’re becoming sick, raise the dose to 2 capsules four times daily. Starting in October, sunlight drops considerably which depletes vitamin D levels.

The amounts are probably at their lowest close to the end of December. Vitamin D is the most popular for its role in keeping bones strong, however, a lesser known function of vitamin D is from the immune system. When vitamin D levels are reduced your risk of disease increases significantly! It is thus advised that the majority of folks get at least 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 on a daily basis. I’d recommend that individuals have their physicians order a blood test to test for 25-OH Vitamin D so as to find out whether or less vitamin D is required. This appreciable drop in vitamin D through those cold and flu months might be a substantial cause to the higher rate of viral disease and recent research confirms this connection.