Nearly everyone knows that vitamin C is one of the most helpful and popular of all of the vitamins. Many individuals are aware that this specific vitamin provides many health benefits when consumed on a regular basis. Some people choose to eat foods that are high in vitamin C while some take supplements that provide the recommended daily dose.

Vitamin C

There are numerous ways that people have the ability to get the benefits of vitamin C to be able to ensure their bodies are healthy and strong. There are a variety of advantages that are obtained from vitamin C. The most familiar advantage is that the immune boosting qualities it imparts. Most individuals understand that consuming foods that are high in vitamin C can lower the odds of becoming ill, especially during cold and flu season.

In actuality, lots of cold medications and treatments are made with vitamin C. Vitamin C has immune boosting properties that make it an exceptional choice for anybody that wants to fight colds, infections and other ailments. Besides the boosting of the immune system, vitamin C is also known to help prevent a range of ailments including cancer and strokes. Eye health is greatly improved by eating vitamin C.

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Furthermore, it’s been demonstrated that vitamin C helps to fight cavities. Thus, there are lots of advantages in consuming this vitamin on a regular basis. There are a lot of foods that contain vitamin C which it should not be hard for folks to find the required amounts to be able to enhance their health. It’s recommended that adults acquire 500 mg of vitamin C on a daily basis. The required 500 mg can be obtained by taking a supplement or by ingesting a range of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C.

Generally speaking, it’s always best to get the vitamins the body needs from organic sources like food. There’s a large assortment of food that individuals can consume to be able to get the benefits of vitamin C. Such fruits as apples, grapefruit, limes, strawberries, kiwi and cantaloupe contain high levels of vitamin C. Vegetables such as peppers and potatoes contain elevated levels of vitamin C. By eating foods that are high in vitamin C on a regular basis people may gradually build up their immune system so that it can defend the body from something as small as the flu to more severe conditions like cancer.


While Vitamin C provides many benefits it’s important to remember that this vitamin disintegrates very readily. To be able to keep the health benefits of vitamin C it’s extremely important to prepare foods in the right manner. If you can, try to eat natural resources of vitamin C such as fruits and vegetables in their raw state. Cooking will deplete fruits and veggies of vitamin C tremendously. If cooking is wanted it is ideal to cook them for a minimum period of time in low heat. Likewise, the best sources of vitamin C are out of foods which are in their normal condition, foods that are free from processing.