Silver has been used for treating ailments for nearly as long as human civilization has existed. In the early 20th century, it had been fabricated as a colloid and widely marketed as a potent antibiotic. Modern manufacturing techniques make it possible for producers to make colloidal silver products which are really secure and have all of the thought benefits of silver.


Among the most popular colloidal silver uses is as an immune system supplement. Rather than replacing a role of the immune system such as antibiotics are intended to perform, this is intended to support the immune system. It can do that by killing harmful bacteria and inhibiting its development. This enables the immune system to clear the infection from your system much faster. Among the most frequently reported colloidal silver benefits is its ability to fight bacterial infections.

In reality, various studies have demonstrated it is successful in killing over 650 micro-organisms. It’s thought to be effective in combating bacteria since it interrupts an enzyme that dangerous bacteria will need to breathe. Silver atoms also adhere to the DNA of damaging bacteria, which keeps it from uncoiling and therefore keeps it from multiplying. Patients have reported using it to efficiently combat bacteria-caused diseases as diverse as cellulitis, pneumonia, sinus infection, bladder infection, and much more.

Did you know?

What’s extraordinary about these cases is that there are no reported side effects and no drug interactions. Many who have used it’s also claimed that it has greatly helped combat viral infections too. This is especially exciting, as modern medicine has yet to develop a safe, efficient method to resist viral infection. Treating serious diseases which have a viral pathogen, such as Hepatitis C, is quite expensive can take up to a year of therapy, with varying success rates. Treating not-so-serious, but nonetheless disabling or debilitating virus caused conditions like bronchitis often simply involve prescribing drugs which relieve the individual of any distress and enabling the immune system to work out disease by itself.

Some users of colloidal silver testify that the natural supplement can give a two pronged attack to fungal infections. Firstly, it eliminates any germs which may be hindering the immune system, thus making your body better equipped to combat the disease. Secondly, it strikes the parasite that causes the disease. Colloidal silver may also be used externally. Many individuals have reported success in combating acne by applying directly to their skin. Others have claimed that using the liquid into the sponge component of a bandage can help the wound heal faster.


In actuality, physicians have used silver infused inhibitors for decades, and recently a large and respected medical supply firm released a line of silver infused inhibitors to market over the counter. Silver fell from favor as a natural remedy in the uterus as successful drug firms manufacturing and marketing antibiotics. With hospitals commonly using silver Watches, silver water filters, and using silver based products to treat burns, there shows signs it’s gradually gaining more mainstream acceptance. Time will tell whether or even more uses for this effective colloid will be discovered in the next few years.