Another day I was listening to a radio talk show every time a contentious topic yet again came up for debate — the concern over the potential danger of a swine flu pandemic. What they said next I found intriguing, to say the least. According to health officials, persons who get regular seasonal flu shots are twice as likely to succumb to the h1n1 (a.k.a.. Why am I not surprised!

Let’s see…

If you had any doubts about abstaining from flu shots, the above statement should be reason enough. Contain poisons and other toxic additives like mercury, aluminum and Polysorbate 80 (a frequent preservative) — do we need more pollutants on earth? The above aren’t in any specific order. I probably could find more reasons, but I believe that a dozen is a lot.

Here is another statement made by a “health official” (read”mouthpiece”) — it appears the kind of swine influenza this time around isn’t as threatening as previously believed, with symptoms less severe — consequently, there’s absolutely not any need to worry about taking the shot because the present vaccine that’s currently available will be successful against h1n1.

It appears that their fear-mongering went a little too much so their sales strategy now is to reassure you of their effectiveness and security of the current batch of vaccine — what to do with a huge batch of vaccine worth a good deal of cash, if too many folks refuse to take it! Don’t give in to fear-mongering and panic, when it comes to swine influenza, bird flu, or some other sort of rather negative scare tactics employed by biased associations — learn the facts.

Final note

Instead, here is my story of getting compulsory vaccines: After beginning my first year of high school back in 1962, I was forced, together with other students, to have vaccine shots — I didn’t even know what they were for, we just had to have themand nobody questioned it, being the trusting people we were (our parents, that is). Well, shortly after getting the shots, within moments, I became dizzy and nearly collapsed on the stairs of the school. Luckily, others saw me and called for support. The nurse came and had me sit on the steps with my head down for a minimum of 20 minutes before the nausea went away. It was shut — it might have been a whole lot worse — of course, my body didn’t care for what was being injected into it!