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A skins mod that makes your troops look, well, Evil. All troops made at the Barracks (Not the Mercanery Post) have modified skins. Modified. Haha Matches My NamE. Thanks great mod.!!! 5/5. Thanks, EviL!!! files you include are the original files that came with Stronghold 2. MB, Stronghold 2 Patch Patch MB, SH2 Desert Mod ( Shader supported version) A skins mod that makes your troops look, well, Evil.

mod for swordsman and knight (swordsman with maces and knights with lances), 03/30/15 series of colours, i also included my countries flag and some stronghold 2 characters crests. This mod makes your archers look like evil orcs.

This my second bigmod for stronghold 2 with theme Evil mod in this mod, your troops will tranform to skeleton troops and evil troops the story is. Description. You can download stronghold 2 evil mod on the site Freebuild Scenarios Stronghold 2: I'm sorry if I sound a little. Played a little of this "good and evil", don't get me wrong, the mod is good but . I prefer a stronghold module that is more like the keep in nwn2.

This is the latest official patch for the retail version of Stronghold Legends. Re: Stronhold mod? «Reply #2 on: January 11, , AM». * Stronghold Good luck. Logged . the evil minions of the Bonerlords. Browse Stronghold Legends files to download full releases, installer, sdk, patches, mods, demos, and media. This is part 2 of the mod including mehes and animations. strongholds of middleearth 2 v1 All 3 combatants are evil, the player.

pro. v Search on google there is a mod for it. #2. BFG Zyddie thought of being able to do co-op with a buddy against the big bad evil computer.

The evil dragon. [Map]; Posted over 8 years ago; KB; downloads. You are king Arthur in this freebuild map and a dragon is blocking your way to the.

firefly_fixed · add `firefly_fixed` castles to the mix, 2 years ago This is a mod for the game Stronghold Crusader HD that replaces all of the original AI lord . They remind him of his lovely olive twigs, the ones mourning whenever evil is done. Also i want to edit the Maximum of the Evil magician from 1 to or sth. the same Yes that must be so . but i also found no Modding Guides of Stronghold . 6 days ago Also you can dismiss and hire back your companions, and the stronghold now works correctly! (and some minor bugs fixed) Path of Evil.

6 days ago Stronghold module, I am trying to access the caverns and the third Documents\ Neverwinter Nights 2\ as root for my deployment as per the.

it plays like a rather typical RTS, tho you dont need to be fast like in starcraft 2, the key aspect of stronghold 2 is the proper economy build up. Only usable by Evil +2 save vs breath Back on topic, if you want an evil Stronghold there's a mod (think it's the tweak pack) that allows you. There's also a multistronghold component in BG Tweaks, albeit less as a non- druid, or being treated like a paladin when you're chaotic evil.

NPC Strongholds This is the primary component of the mod. Note that, in order to gain a stronghold for an NPC, you need to have that NPC in your party Author: Language: Version: Completed. Kish. English. 2. Forum · Readme A: No, not being a paladin (and lacking both innate Detect Evil and a personal interest in.

Is this NWN 1 or 2? .. directory is only for converting to a directory) note2 , changes will not . I've tracked down the last stronghold bugs I am aware of. I downloaded the files for the remastered version of Path of Evil.

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Stronghold 3 preview - a game of castles, sieges and diseased badgers. (The in-game advisor, despite being a lady rather than a sibilant evil guy, also evokes DK Stronghold 2 was buggy for years after its release. .. out that custom maps /mods could not be used with Stronghold: Crusader Extreme.

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are there any mods that provide a good reason to be evil if you are both Never Winter Nights 2 or Planescape Torment if you want to be evil. (and thus not miss out on the whole fighter stronghold and the Flail of the Ages). I've been thinking about pushing out some mods I've been planning for a while now, and one is a stronghold mod. Unlike others I've seen, [–]Exovian[S] 2 points3 points4 points 5 years ago (7 children) . I would like to have the option of making it an evil-looking sort of place with dungeons and whatnot. Here you will find links to additional romances, mods, tools portraits, sound sets, Valen, Review, This mod adds her as a Chaotic Evil Fighter/Thief who has Vampric powers. Expanded Thief Stronghold, SoA/ToB, This adds some extra quests to the SoA/ToB, This fixes the Grand Mastery 'problem' with Baldur's Gate 2.

Unrelated to Stronghold but still a classic Firefly Studios strategy game, this new title will be announced 2 comments Read more Sculpt an icy tundra to wage war on, a scorched earth battleground using the evil terrain type or conjure up a. Board index Modding Ideas I can take a look to see how hard it is to emulate Stronghold 2's online services, if there's Not only is Sephiroth a world renowned incarnate of evil hellbent on the destruction of your world. Crusader Kings II Europa Universalis IV Victoria 2: A House Divided There are some mods which help - check the workshop for "better ui".

Parzalon stands near the inn - Customs Stronghold 2 (after the quest Evil book. Obtained from: Commander Hasingen (M9, 7). After your first conversation .

BG2 - EXPANDED THIEF STRONGHOLD This is a review of the Expanded Thief Stronghold mod for Baldur's Gate 2 – Shadows of Amn. The mod can I tested the mod with two different parties; a good party and an evil party. Yes, first thing I went for was an evil quest mod instead of an adventure one. For some odd notion, I kept thinking I'd have my own stronghold in which I could order other 2 thoughts on “Morrowind Mod: The Sixth House”. This includes all sets from the Tyranny of Dragons and Elemental Evil campaign, the old Stronghold Masterwork set, Relic Weapons, and.

Vanilla Sim City 4 is very boring, but mod it up and the cities can look absolutely amazing. Settlers 2 I think was recently rehashed and updated for PC recently. It turns out I had already tried Stronghold and not really enjoyed it due Evil Genius is fun for a while, although it has some pretty serious flaws. The Korax mod is a open source project focused on combining the FPS With the delayed release of Scattered Evil beta 2, it's features will. Stronghold: On the Edge of Chaos is a Doom megawad created by a This mod received one of the Cacowards on Doomworld! 1 Description; 2 Features; 3 Content . The Ultimate Doom · Master Levels for Doom II · No Rest for the Living · Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil · Doom 3: The Lost Mission.

Mount and Blade:Warband-X Mod better than Y Mod- Z Mod okay Many a foe has fallen at the walls of a Vaegir stronghold due to their prowess. .. bah bloody warband, can't take a castle solo when I'm outnumbered any more. . the equally comically evil desert faction for whipping a soldier to death.

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