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EPGSearch is a plugin for the Video-Disc-Recorder (VDR). It can be used to replace the standard schedule and extends this by many usefull functions.

Description. Author: Christian Wieninger. EPG Search can be used a replacement EPG view. It extends the standard EPG view (ie. search for. VDR plugin that provides extensive EPG searching capabilities. At first glance EPG-Search looks like the schedules menu entry of VDR. By pressing the key '0', one can toggle the bottom color keys to access.

EPGSearch plugin for the Video Disk Recorder (VDR) - rofafor/vdr-plugin- epgsearch. my changes to git:// - mhop/ vdr-plugin-epgsearch. Gentoo package media-plugins/vdr-epgsearch: VDR plugin: create timers from epg content based on saved search expressions in the Gentoo Packages.

EPG-Search can be used as a replacement for VDR's default schedules menu entry. vdr-plugin-epgsearch: VDR plugin that provides extensive EPG searching capabilities vdr-plugin-epgsearch-dbgsym: debug symbols for vdr-plugin- epgsearch. Download vdr-epgsearch packages for Fedora. vdr-epgsearchfc irpm, Powerful schedules menu replacement plugin for VDR. Fedora x86_64 .

RPM resource vdr-epgsearch. This plugin provides a powerful replacement for VDR's default schedules menu entry. It looks like the standard schedules menu.

vdr-epgsearch 0. ~amd64 ~x +conflictcheckonly +epgsearchonly pcre +quicksearch tre.

media-plugins/vdr-epgsearch. Description: VDR Plugin: Searchtimer and replacement of the VDR program menu; Homepage: -developer. org/.

Gentoo Linux package details for media-plugins/vdr-epgsearch. URL: Author: Christian Wieninger Maintainer: Michael Tross. Searchtimer and replacement of the VDR program menu.

vdr-plugin-epgsearch. VDR epgsearch plugin. vdr epgsearch plugin. Version 5; Size KB; openSUSE Tumbleweed. Direct Install. List of package versions for metapackage vdr:epgsearch in all repositories. Thank you very much for the new feature! Does "VDR version >= is required." mean that i can't compile the vnsiserver plugin against.

Index of /debian-ports/pool-sh4/main/v/vdr-plugin-epgsearch/ Apr 04 vdr-plugin-epgsearch_+ The EPGSearch plugin adds some useful features to your VDR system. Certainly, the most commonly used feature is, that this plugin enables. Index of /sft/sft/debian-ubuntu/pool/universe/v/vdr-plugin-epgsearch Parent Directory, -. [ ], , , 12K.

[ ] Examining the guest [ ] Setting a random seed [ ] Installing firstboot script: /mnt/tmp/riscv64/tmp/vdr-epgsearch.0n7ceR/vdr-epgsearch-boot. sh. vdr-plugin-epgsearch_~beta_amddeb, , K. [ ], vdr-plugin-epgsearch_~, , K. NAME. epgsearch - Searchtimer and replacement of the VDR program menu. OVERVIEW. Since the README get bigger and bigger this man page shall be.

Index of /gentoo-portage/media-plugins/vdr-epgsearch vdr-epgsearch , May , K. [ ], vdr-epgsearch ebuild.

in vdr-epgsearch located at /epgsearchbeta2/scripts. Index of /ubuntu/ubuntu/pool/universe/v/vdr-plugin-epgsearch/ vdr-plugin-epgsearch__ideb Jan Official file server of the University of Stuttgart Contact: [email protected] Services: http, ftp, rsync (Uni internal nets only).

RUN groupdel video; groupadd -g 44 video RUN useradd -u vdr RUN dnf install -y vdr vdr-streamdev-server vdr-epgsearch vdr-vnsiserver nmap #RUN.

Index of /pub/raspbian/raspbian/pool/main/v/vdr-plugin-epgsearch vdr-plugin- epgsearch_+, Jun , 11K. [TXT]. But when I boot the system vdr does not start due to errors I don't [] loading plugin: /usr/lib/vdr/plugins/ Feb Quick Install Instructions of vdr-plugin-epgsearch on Ubuntu Server. It's Super Easy! simply click on Copy button to copy the command and paste into your.

Extras plugin for openmediavault-vdr. Provides EPGSearch, LIVE (LIVE Interactive VDR Environment), Streamdev, Xineliboutput and VDRAdmin-AM.

Index of /stable/xenial/pool/main/v/vdr-plugin-epgsearch vdr-plugin- epgsearch_~beta6+git_amddeb, , K.

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